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Visit of Wedding Gallery.
Visit our Wedding Gallery.

Our mission is to provide a beautiful, comfortable and yet affordable venue that helps transform your ceremony into a celebration.
Las Candelas is a meeting and banquet hall; conceived and developed by an immigrant family of Christian and Hindu beliefs. Designed by a Jewish architect and built by Americans of all faiths and origins - European, Cajun, Native American, Hispanic, African and Asian; Las Candelas stands as a meeting place for all people.
Let us enjoy our diversity and celebrate the sense of community that our hopes for the future are built upon.
The simple elegance of Evan Eglin's Spanish Colonial design, nestled gracefully between the inviting greenery of Don Hummel Park and the emerging splendour of a private garden being developed by one of the Southwest's best known landscape architects, Warren Jones.

Art at Las Candelas

Las Candelas' burgeoning art collection features works by Hopi painter and graphic artist Gerald Dawavendewa of Tucson, Ojibway expressionist Jerry Brennan of Canada, and celebrated local artist Luis Mena. All in all an aesthetically pleasing setting to help accent your special celebration.

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Luis Mena Jerry Brennan Gerald Dawavendewa Jerry Brennan

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